Dizzy Izzy & Ernst

Dizzy Izzy & Ernst
Dizzy Izzy & Ernstl

Friday 3 January 2014

Hue ... and finally warm weather!

... the train SE1 left Hanoi more than punctually on Jan 2nd at 18:59 and was not so bad after all ...

... but still managed to arrive with a 1,5 hour delay ... fortunately the guys from the Google hotel were nice enough to wait for us and we could check in within 15 minutes from arrival ... the weather in Hue was gorgeous, warm and breezy, and after an excellent lunch at Lien Hoa veggie restaurant, we went for a walk along the Perfume river, where the most random sculptures can be found ...

... and then we briefly crossed the river, direction Citadel and war museum ... but the "real" visit there will take place tomorrow ...


  1. Ahh... finally - warm weather! I was starting to worry that this country was not for me.

    Your food looks real yummy even though I'm not a vegetarian :-)


  2. Looks great Isabella! Nice weather also, thank you for sharing this experience with us! Nice pictures too, bridge perspective shows how huge the city is. looking forward to see more! XX 2 U . Joelle