Dizzy Izzy & Ernst

Dizzy Izzy & Ernst
Dizzy Izzy & Ernstl

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The wacky adventures continue ... welcome to Belize!!

After the usual adventurous flights (dodging strikes in Germany and cancellations in Washington), we managed to land in Belize on time!! The temperature difference was a real choc, but we will survive the tropics once again :)
We spent the first afternoon sleeping, but the first day in Bermudian Landing didn't disappoint: we took a river tour on a canoe with Russell, known locally as Crocodile Dundee II ... it was just so peaceful and beautiful and we saw lots of animals ... a couple of impressions follow:

beautiful birds (except the vultures circling over our heads, maybe!), stunning iguanas, adorable howler monkeys (the males have some protruding attributes, though) ... and even a fricking crocodile!!

our home for the next few nights ... very pretty!

and tomorrow, up early to visit some Maya ruins ... but we still have time for a couple of local beers tonight!

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