Dizzy Izzy & Ernst

Dizzy Izzy & Ernst
Dizzy Izzy & Ernstl

Monday, 3 March 2014

Tour from Adelaide to Melbourne ...

... the beauty of the Grampians mountains ... and yes, I made it to the top !!

... the dormant volcano at Tower Hill ... with an unexpected visit from a hungry emu who tried to steal our lunch and was chased off by Ernst ... playing the emu ... you have to watch it to believe it !!

... the Great Ocean Road, in daylight and at sunset ... breath-taking!

... the Great Otway temperate rainforest - majestic!

... Kennett River, among parrots and koalas ... more parrots on this occasion!!

(we don't know the  name of this cutie, though ...)

... Split Point Lighthouse ...

... and finally Bells Beach, where part of the movie Point Break was turned ... and it's still very popular with surfers!!

very packed and strenuous 3 days but they were worth it ...

and tomorrow, we will be flying to Tasmania!!

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  1. posso rubarvi una foto delle scogliere da mettere come sfondo?! :-P
    S P E T T A C O L A R I