Dizzy Izzy & Ernst

Dizzy Izzy & Ernst
Dizzy Izzy & Ernstl

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day 6 and 7 of the tour - or should we say "action days"?

.... learning to surf at Sceale Bay (and faking it for the pictures ...)

... swimming with wild sea lions (and wild dolphins) at Baird Bay ... of course, the sea lions were used to people and very playful ...

... sandboarding (again!) near Talia caves ...

.... a hike at Locks well beach ...

... and then some time off at Glenstate animal park to feed the rescued animals ...


... then off to Port Lincoln to swim with Tuna, snappers and ... sharks!!

(Ernst's hairstyle on the boat was something else ...)

(this snapper freaked me out as he looks like he had a human face and not a pretty one!!)

(the shark was as big as me but not interested in my flesh, apparently...)

(even though I looked like a seal in my wet suit!!!)

(Tuna are amazing creatures and they are enormous ... but Ernst wanted to feed them by hand!)

(and this queens snapper was adorable, although he bit my finger ...)

... and finally we arrived at our camp at Mikkira station, home of many wild and sleepy koalas ...

... they are just too cute to be true!!!

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